Are you looking for DVLA forms? In the past, DVLA forms could be picked up at the post office or you could request that they be sent to your home address. Today, you can still do this or you can make the process much simpler by using the DVLA online. Below, you’ll find information on why you may need DVLA forms, as well as what forms are available online and where you can submit them once completed.


When Do You Need DVLA Forms?

DVLA forms are needed for everything from applying for a driving license to transferring your registration number to making them aware your vehicle is being scrapped; use the following link for DVLA vehicle check services. You are legally required to make certain the DVLA has up-to-date information on your personal details and any details related to your car. Failure to submit a required form can result in reprimands later.

Essentially, you can anticipate needing a form to:

  • Report changes in your circumstances
  • Report changes to your personal details
  • Provide the DVLA with additional information


What DVLA Forms are Available Online?

The DVLA has countless forms. While some still have to be picked up at the post office or ordered, others can be downloaded and printed, including the following:

  • D4 form: Medical exam report for a lorry or bus driving license
  • DL1: Application for a provisional driver’s license
  • V55/5: Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle
  • V55/4: Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle
  • V62: Application for a vehicle registration certificate
  • V890: Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)

You can search for other DVLA forms that can be downloaded and printed here. This is also where you can order forms to be delivered to your home address. If you need additional assistance, clarification on what forms are needed, or are unable to find your needed forms online, you can contact the DVLA.


Diesel vehicles and pertinent information

Some users have requested diesel car information in light of the green initiative that was brought forward by the UK Government to 2030. Currently, there is inadequate information to include on this website. Drivers with diesel vehicles that rely on blue technology may find Carblue AdBlue website a useful resource.


Where to Submit Completed DVLA Forms

Although you can download some forms online, you will still need to return them via post. This is because the forms may ask for sensitive information or require that a passport photo be affixed to the application.

Exactly what address you will submit the form to depends on the type of form and enquiry. The form should have the return details and address listed on it to ensure you direct it to the appropriate place.


What if the Forms You Need are Not Online?

If the particular form you need is not available online, you have two options. First, you can go to your local post office to pick it up or you can submit a request detailing which forms you want sent to you via post. You should allow the DVLA at least 5 working days for your request to be filled and sent through the Royal Mail. If you do not receive the forms in a timely manner.

Do not repeat your request without checking on your form’s status first. Doing this will only slow down the DVLA.


Contacting the DVLA

If you are unable to find the form you are looking for or you have questions that cannot be answered through the DVLA website.